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We are the Lansing Community College Chapter of the Michigan Association for Higher Education (LCC-MAHE).  We are the largest local bargaining unit at LCC, affiliated with the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association. We are dedicated educators and committed to our students and our college.

LCC-MAHE represents over 1200 faculty and educational professionals by negotiating fair wages, benefits and working conditions for our members – and we’ve done this proudly since 1968!  In addition, we advocate for members when disputes arise between faculty and the administration.  We are here for you!

MAHE members are keenly aware of the central role they play in the lives of our students and the central role LCC has in the cultural and economic health of this community. We are committed to making LCC a better place to teach and to learn.


LCC Healthcare Task Force TA 2017
HCTF LCC TA Illustrations 6 21 17 CORRECTED
2017-18 Rates for Unions
Plan Comparisons WMHIP 7-2017

The Labor Coalition members of the Health Care Task Force reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the College team on Wednesday, June 21, following the June 19 Board meeting. The attached TA lists the plans offered. Details for premium costs are listed in the TA in the corrected charts.

While we did not achieve all of our goals, we were able to reach agreement on some changes that can benefit employees. The agreement (attached) will require that MAHE members and other MESSA members decide either to support the TA and thus leave MESSA and move to WMHIP plans or reject the TA altogether. The attachment labeled “corrected” shows what the rates would be should the TA be approved.  If the TA is defeated the other attachment shows what our MESSA rates will be for the next year and one half.   (These include the same plans that the ESP unit members and the AFT local and campus police are already on.)  One reason these other plans (WMHIP) cost less is that they have different coverages, but we still need to supply members with detailed information to study and compare these plans.  Stay tuned…

We will also invite WMHIP and MESSA to discuss their plans with members. Look for these meetings to be announced as soon as we can schedule them and for details about all of these plans to be sent soon.


The College has agreed to add the Flexible Blue 3000/6000 deductible with 80/20 co-insurance plan for full-time employees. While this plan carries a higher deductible and co-insurance, the plan offer a reduced premium for employees who feel the coverage will benefit themselves or their families.

The College has agreed to add the PPO Versatile 1000/2000 deductible with 80/20 co-insurance plan for full-time employees.

Part-time employees will now have a choice of 3 plans: The Flexible 1300/2600 high deductible plan, the Flexible Blue 3000/6000 deductible plan with 80-20 co-insurance, or the PPO Versatile 250-500 deductible plan with 90/10 co-insurance. This change brings an additional plan choice for part-time employees. This will affect grandfathered and ACA eligible employees.

Part-time and full time members in ABC will have their deductibles transfer from current plans to new-high deductible ones.

The College has increased the premium contribution for ACA employees to $475.00 per month.

In addition, the Labor Coalition and College teams will meet quarterly to review health care issues. We hope that these quarterly meetings will lead to improved options for all employees in the future. We have a meeting scheduled this month and will send you a report after that meeting.

AFT Voting ends July 11, but MAHE is delaying a vote until August because we want all members to be fully able to review these plans and make an informed decision about this major life choice. MAHE members will have informational meetings to discuss this TA and details about the vote (electronic) will be sent as soon as we have arranged that with the MAHE elections committee.  We don’t know at this time what ESP or the Police units plan to do with their ratification process.

In addition to attaching the TA we are attaching a corrected spread sheet so members can see what their new rates will be if the TA is approved. (The Health Care Task Force unanimously supports this TA.)

As soon as we can get both vendor’s information for members we will share the details with you, and we also hope to create charts with summary comparisons as well.