Faculty Contract

We are anxiously awaiting the final version of the 2016-2020 contract, in paper form and electronically.  The language review has been completed and we are waiting for the college to pull all the parts together into final form.  We hope this will happen before the end of this semester.  As always…stay tuned – and many thanks for your patience on this.

Memorandum of Contract Changes – LCC and MAHE – 2017 01 24 with Corrections  (this is the newly ratified tentative agreement for 2016-2020 and not the entire contract. )

Salary Schedules for 2016-2020 Contract

Appendix B-1 FT Teaching Faculty Salary Schedule

Appendix B-2 FT 43-week Lab Instructors

Appendix B-3 FT 43-week Lab Asst

Appendix B-4 FT Tutor

Appendix B-5 FT Librarians

Appendix B-6 FT Counselors

Appendix B-7 43-week Advisors

Appendix B-8 FT Teaching Clinician

Appendix C-1 PT Teaching Faculty

Appendix C-2 PT Teaching Clinician

Appendix C-3 PT Lab Instructor

Appendix C-4 PT Lab Assistant

Appendix C-5 PT Tutor

Appendix C-6 PT Librarian

Appendix C-7 PT Counselor

Appendix C-8 PT Advisor

Appendix C-10 PT Sign Language Interpreter